Here are some common questions about NeuroLAT Global

What is NeuroLAT?

NeuroLAT is a proven and guaranteed software program to positively influence a child’s learning behaviour and abilities. Dr Ng Meng Lek built on the research of Karl Witte, a 19th-century German philosopher and pastor who pioneered the understanding that a child’s learning environment and methods of learning are essential to great success. As a result, his son was fluent in 6 languages by the age of 9 and was awarded a PhD in Philosophy at the age of 14 and PhD in Law at the age of 16.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), NeuroLAT skilfully diagnoses a child’s cognitive level and generates customised questions and posers for each learning ability. The dynamic system progresses the child to the next level of difficulty at his/her own pace. Children who go through this program experience enhanced learning abilities and cognitive skills to tackle academic subjects at school.

What is the success rate of NeuroLAT?

NeuroLAT is a tested and proven learning program that is able to boost a child’s IQ and learning abilities if the child consistently logs in to the program on a daily basis and completes at least one training session daily.

What does NeuroLAT train the child in?

NeuroLAT comprehensively covers more than 30+ learning abilities over 9 difficulty levels. These skills are essential blocks of a child’s mind to help him learn more effectively and have a higher ability to tackle academic subjects.

How fast can my child start seeing results?

Improvement can be seen after 90 consistent daily lessons, provided there are no other health and psychological issues.

How is NeuroLAT suited to the individual cognitive needs of my child?

NeuroLAT offers 2 different modules:
1. NeuroLAT Program for Students to enhance their intelligence
2. NeuroLAT Interventionist for Therapy

Each program can only train 1 child to ensure accuracy of diagnostic reports and consistency of individualised progress.

How different is NeuroLAT from regular tuition centres?

Content vs Learning Abilities
Tuition centres train students on content management. NeuroLAT, on the other hand, trains your child on more than 30+ learning abilities to help him learn and process academic content better and faster. This helps her achieve a higher academic performance effortlessly.


Individual Training and Assessment vs Group Training
Contrary to group training and a classroom setting, each program is tagged to an individual’s cognitive level and with the help of A.I., NeuroLAT skilfully diagnoses the child’s cognitive level and generates suitable questions for each learning ability. The dynamic system progresses the child to the next level of difficulty at his own pace.

What kind of reports can I expect to receive during the one year program?

With consistent daily training completed, NeuroLAT will generate 4 customizable reports on your child’s progress every 3 months:
a. Learning Needs Diagnosis Report
b. Preferred Learning Styles Report
c. Suitable Vocational Analysis Report
d. Executive Summary

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NeuroLAT trains more than 30+ learning abilities to help students learn and process academic contents much better and faster. This helps them to achieve higher academic performance effortlessly.

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